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College is a large investment
— it is wise to plan well, choose well, apply well

Services — The Choice Is Yours

jj College Admission Advising LLC offers a reasonable hourly rate and convenient packages. If you have any questions about services and/or pricing, or would like to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation introductory session, please contact JONA JACOBSON at 585-755-9157 or Email.

Please note that all packages other than the Underclassmen Package can be tailored to fit transfer students as well.

Choose from:

Comprehensive Package | Hourly Essay Consultation | Application Only Package | Semi-private Intensive College Application Boot Camp | Group Presentation | Underclassman Package for Freshman/Sophomore Year

Serving students in ALL INTEREST AREAS, including:


Complementary Introductory Session – free of charge

This is an introductory session for us to assess fit to work with one another. Students and parents will get a detailed description of how the student, the family and I could work together to assist the student as needed in the college selection and admissions process.

Comprehensive Package

This package covers the entire college application process from the junior year in high school through June 30 of the senior year. For students interested in this package beginning after their junior year, this package can be condensed into a shorter time period. (See details below)

Hourly Essay Consultation – 8 hour minimum

jj College Admission Advising is available for college essay consults. Essay consults may include essay review and advice, brainstorming sessions, advice regarding essay direction, content, structure and polishing.

Application Only Package

This package is for students who are getting a late start, who already have a College List and who want guidance and support with applications and the college application process (including essays). (See details below)

Semi-private Intensive College Application Boot Camp

This service is available for 2 or 3 students who sign up together as a group. The purpose of this service is to give students one solid week of intensive, semi-private work time with guidance and advice — all for the purpose of completing as many college applications and essays as a student is able during this intensive week in July or August. Students will meet with Jona Jacobson of jj College Admission Advising for one week, Monday – Friday from 9am-3pm, to get instructions regarding completing applications and essays, to work on applications and essays, and to have all work reviewed as it is completed. There is boot camp prep homework that will allow students to hit the ground running at the start of the intensive. This boot camp can encompass the Common Application, individual college essays for the Common Application, the new Coalition Application and related essays, individual college (non-common app) applications, the SUNY application, the UC application or others. The number of applications and essays actually completed during the boot camp will vary depending on student output. The boot camp includes 1 additional hour of essay or application review via email or Skype following the end of the boot camp. By its nature, this boot camp is limited to students who can participate in person. The availability of this boot camp is subject to scheduling availability on the calendars of all parties, including the calendar of jj College Admission Advising. Please call to arrange dates.

Group Presentation Regarding the College Admissions Process – free of charge

Would you like to hear more about the exciting but all-too-often anxiety ridden college application process? Do you have questions about how the whole thing works these days — what students and families need to do and what they can be doing now? Get a group of friends and/or colleagues together in your home (or another place of convenience) to hear this presentation about what students and families should do, know and consider for college admissions. A brief question and answer session follows the presentation. This presentation is more detailed than what most high schools generally offer — and you can have the presentation at a time that works for you in the comfort of your home. The session generally lasts 90 minutes with a 45 minute presentation and 45 minutes of question and answer time.

Underclassman Consultation for Freshman and Sophomore Years – free of charge

This offer is for students in their freshman or sophomore year of high school who want to begin preliminary planning for the college application process. The purpose of the session is to assist the student with college planning by giving advice regarding high school course selection, extracurricular and summer activity planning, and standardized testing, and by providing a transcript review and resume critique. (See details below)

Package Service Comparison:

This chart indicates highlights of services included or available in pricing. Services are described in more detail below.

✔ = Included in Package Highlights   A = Available at Hourly Rate

Service Comprehensive Package Application Only Package Underclassman Consultation
Complementary Introductory Session
“Housekeeping” Assessment
Career Interest Assessment
Finding the “Hooks”
Creating the College List
College Tuition Strategy and Financial Aid
Activities Description
Application Action Plan and Timeline
College Application Review
College Essay Prep
College Essay Critique and Guidance
Athletic Recruitment Advising and Planning
Art Supplement And Audition Information
Interview Skill Preparation Meeting
General Meetings
Final Choice Consult
Success in High School Discussion

Description of Services:

  • “Housekeeping” Assessment
    This service is to assist the student with course selection and high school activity planning, and to provide standardized testing advice, transcript review, and a resume critique.

  • Career Interest Assessment
    This optional service is to expertly administer and interpret the Strong Interest Inventory assessment for the student in order to discover potential college majors and career areas. This is a perfect service for a student uncertain about his or her future vocation.

  • Finding the “Hooks”
    As it is necessary to distinguish oneself, this service serves to help a student discern his or her “hooks,” unique qualities that make him or her stand out from other highly qualified applicants.

  • Creating the College List
    This in-depth process selectively matches a student’s personal and academic goals with a list of approximately 15-20 colleges, tailored to the student’s individual needs. The list focuses on finding the “right fit” colleges for the student and includes an equal balance of “likely”, “target”, and “reach” schools. The College List is an initial list and students eventually narrow down this initial list and apply to fewer colleges. The College List creation process includes:
    • Meetings with the student to discuss college interests.
    • Meeting with the parent(s) or guardian(s) to discuss college interests.
    • jj College Admission Advising conducts hours of independent preparation to create the college list.
    • Meeting for the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) to present and discuss the college list.

  • College Tuition Strategy and Financial Aid
    With skyrocketing college costs, it is critical to discuss costs and strategies before families embark on the college process. This discussion includes an overview of the college financial aid process, strategies to receive maximum need and merit money, the role student grades and tests scores play in the financial award, and how to pick the “right” colleges to receive the maximum amount of money.

  • Resume
    A complete and current resume is helpful for completing college applications. This service is to assist the student in creating a resume or revising a resume if the student already has one.

  • Activities Descriptions for Application
    To prepare college applications, particularly the common application, the student needs to craft language to describe his or her activities. This service is to assist the student in preparing descriptions of the various activities on his or her resume, and in determining the amount of time spent with each activity.

  • Application Action Plan and Timeline
    This service is to help the student pace submitting applications in a timely manner, and to put applications in order by both due dates and priority. With this service, the student receives a suggested timeline for applications to all of the colleges on the student’s list. The student also receives personalized lists of application requirement along with checklists for the student to use as he or she completes each item.

  • College Application Review
    Recognizing that the application is the most important tool a college uses to determine whether a student is accepted, waitlisted or denied, the purpose of this service is to edit applications line-by-line to ensure that the applications are error free and that they effectively highlight the student’s strengths and accomplishments.

  • College Essay Prep
    In preparation for the student drafting essays, these preparatory meetings are to discuss and review the pertinent essay prompts, brainstorm essay topics, and discuss college application essay structure and intent (which is different from essay structure and purpose in high school classes).

  • College Essay Critique and Guidance
    This service is for review, guidance, and comment as the student completes drafts of the essays. This can be done either in person or by email (usually both). Often emailing back and forth for several drafts is necessary as it is important to address content first, then structure, then detail regarding word use and grammar.

  • Athletic Recruitment Advising and Planning
    If the student plans to play varsity athletics, jj College Admission Advising offers service to guide students through the recruitment process, including guidance regarding the process and rules of recruiting for DI, DII, and DIII athletics, providing a suggested college list with coach contact information, and advice regarding creating an athletic profile, recruitment videos (advice- not creating of the video itself), communications with colleges and coaches, official and unofficial visits, and national letters of intent.

  • Art Supplement and Audition Information
    If the student plans to submit an art supplement with his or her college applications, or if the student plans to apply to a visual or performing arts program, it may be necessary for the student to prepare a portfolio, pre-screening recording, or audition. This service is to discuss the process, requirements, and timing of such requirements.

  • Interview Skill Preparation Meeting
    Armed with the questions college admissions representatives ask students, this service allows students to practice actual interview questions and receive direct feedback on ways to improve the quality of the response. The goal of this “mock” interview practice is to have the student feel so comfortable with the interview that it enhances his or her chance for admission.

  • General Meetings
    General meetings are available for families who have outstanding questions not otherwise encompassed by the other services listed.

  • Final Choice of College
    Recognizing that there are many factors to consider when a student makes his or her final choice of college (after obtaining all admission decisions), this service is to give guidance and assist in comparing college offers to the degree the student and the student’s parents would like input.

  • Success in High School Discussion
    This service is to generally discuss what the student can do to make the rest of the high school experience a successful endeavor, in light of his or her goals.